Plasticizers reduce the cohesive intermolecular forces along the polymer chains, thereby improving the processability of the polymer and increasing its flexibility. An internal plasticization involves chemical alteration of a polymer by random co-polymerization or by side chain grafting, whereas an external plasticization is achieved by adding a chemical externally during compounding. Depending on the compatibility with polymer, the external plasticizer could be primary or secondary plasticizer.

Epoxidized Soybean Oil (ESBO or ESO) is a bio-based secondary plasticizer. Due to its relatively lower computability, ESBO is normally used in combination with some primary plasticizer having very good compatibility with PVC. ESBO also has a stabilization effect.

Baerlocher offers ESBO – BS H2000 IN in liquid form, which can be used in flexible PVC applications including plastisols and slush moulding.

Applications in diverse industries

Other applications of ESBO include:

  • Pigment dispersion agent.
  • Functional fluid.
  • Fuel additives.
  • Flavour & fragrance reactive diluents.

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