Quality and Control

Baerlocher Products are known for Quality worldwide. We take pride in Quality of our Products. To maintain our leadership in Quality, we at Baerlocher India Additives Pvt Ltd have full flagged Quality Assurance Department. It ensures that our products are consistent in Quality, batch after batch, and meet our Global Standards. For this purpose, we have Quality Control lab equipped with all the required instruments, trained and experienced staff to test Raw Materials , In process samples and Finished Products. All Raw Materials and Finished Products are tested as per Standard Procedure to ensure they comply with our specifications. To ensure continuous supply of right quality Raw Materials, not only we test Raw Materials, but we also evaluate our suppliers.

Our Quality Management System is conforming to ISO 9001:2008 certified by Bureau Veritas. We strive for continual improvement to satisfy changing needs of our customers. For this, we regularly conduct third party survey and try to get customers feedback which help up improve our Products, Processes & Services. At BIAPL quality in not just a word but it is a Culture. It is a commitment to excellence by each employee achieved through teamwork.

By supplying Quality products to PVC industries, we want to help India achieve its goal of becoming a world-class supplier of finished plastic goods. BIAPL also want to introduce and establish additives that will result in compounds meeting stringent Quality standards required by today’s high through-put conversion machines, an aspect that will be critical in giving BIAPL a competitive edge in world markets.