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Parent Company

The Baerlocher Group of Companies is one of the world’s most leading suppliers of additives for plastics industry with a strong focus on PVC. Baerlocher has an extensive technology and market know-how drawn from over 190 years of company history. Baerlocher additives play a very important role in determining processing characteristics as well as product performance.

Baerlocher offers a broad range of additives for polymers suitable for various industries. It is your global partner in metal soaps and Ca-based solutions. Worldwide, there are fifteen production sites located in Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Turkey, the United States, China, Malaysia, India, Korea, Brazil, Peru and Argentina. Sales network spread across the globe makes the Baerlocher group of companies a strong partner in every PVC processing industry.

BIAPL Profile

Baerlocher India Additives Pvt. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Baerlocher Group.

It operates one of the most modern and well integrated facility for manufacture of PVC stabilizers in Indian subcontinent.

With a total capacity of saleable products of over 25,000 MTPA (and much more, including various intermediates for in-house consumption), BIAPL is the largest producer of PVC stabilizers in India. Our focus on high quality and consistent products enables us to maintain a strong leadership in the Indian and Global markets.

We are the only producer in the Indian subcontinent with a dedicated (DSIR approved) Application Development and Research Centre for PVC additives. This Baerlocher Research and Innovation Centre (BRIC) works in close cooperation with customers to develop solutions which are efficient and cost effective.

BIAPL’s sales organization is uniquely positioned to service customers with a large network of agents with warehouses at 22 locations across the country.

The technical experts of BIAPL are always available for assisting the customers in improving product quality, productivity and cost efficiency in PVC compounding and processing.





BIAPL employs 115 people in divisions including Production, Quality Control, R & D, Technical Services, Purchase, and Finance Management.


Key persons in BIAPL

Rainer Grasmueck

Mr. Rainer Grasmueck joined Baerlocher in 1980. His international career...

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Jayen Modi
Managing Director

Mr. Modi obtained a Masters Degree in Organic Chemistry from Mumbai...

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Prashant Badhe
Operations Director

Mr. Badhe obtained a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering from UDCT...

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Our SalesTeam


Himanshu Aggarwal


National Sales Manager

Alok Ghodgaonkar


Technical Sales Manager

Sachin Bidkar


Technical Sales Manager

R. J. Tiwari


Technical Sales Manager


BIAPL vision is to be a partner of India’s growing PVC industry, by offering the most cost efficient products, using the world’s latest state-of-the-art-technology. BIAPL wants to offer products that will help India achieve its goal of becoming a world-class supplier of finished plastic goods.

 BIAPL also wants to introduce and establish additives that will result in compounds meeting stringent quality standards required by today’s high through put conversion machines, an aspect that will be critical in giving India a competitive edge in world markets.


We strive for excellence on the dint of:.

  • Excellent Processability.
  • Products that exceed and enhance customer expectations.
  • Leading edge production processes that ensure the highest quality standards.
  • Superior business performance through innovative management practices.
  • Contribution to the international community through quality products and responsible Environmental protection.

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